Caravan Guidelines

Caravan Guidelines

Advance Team: Many caravans assign advance parking duties to caravaners who go ahead of the main caravan to make sure everything is ok with the campground and to insure everyone gets parked satisfactorily. However, on the Taste of the Blue Ridge, your campsite will be pre-assigned and you will receive campground maps at the drivers’ meetings. This will enable you to arrive at your leisure but not before the campground check-in time. Therefore, parkers will not be needed except at Linville Falls and Peaks of Otter Campgrounds as it is somewhat difficult to find and get to your sites. It is suggested that your travel be leisurely, taking time to stop at points of interest between campgrounds.This caravan, in particular, is more about the journey than the destination. If you plan to arrive at the campground late, please inform the caravan leaders to avoid undue concerns.

Alcohol: Please exercise good judgment in the use of alcohol. 

Birthdays/Anniversaries: The Celebrations Emcee will shop for cards and decide what other recognition is needed for those special dates during the caravan. They will lead these celebrations during meetings, meals or social events.

Caboose: If you notice you are one of the last to leave the campground, consider yourself the Caboose. Take a last look around for forgotten items and campground cleanliness.

Campfire Tender: This person(s) will take the lead to arrange and manage a campfire at appropriate groups gatherings where campfires are allowed.

CB Radios: We strongly recommend a CB in your vehicle. When calling on the CB, please use your name. If you want to hold private conversations, switch to another channel; but remember to return to the caravan channel. We will operate on channel 14.

Caravan Fee & Refunds: Refunds will be given at the leaders’ discretion, depending on commitments. All WBCCI caravans are self-supporting. We have confirmation of most expenses. The leaders will administer the KITTY which consists of all fees. A caravan budget is in the back of your Travel Guide. Any monies left at the end of the caravan will be refunded to the caravan members upon completion of all accounting. A refund check will be mailed.

Carpools: We encourage caravaners to ride together to various events as parking may be a problem, especially in Asheville, Boone and Blowing Rock.

Drivers Meetings: Drivers meetings have been planned for before each move. Please check the activity schedule in front of each stop. 

Emergencies: Please notify the Caravan Leaders of any emergency. Emergency information for each stop is listed in your Travel Guide. Should you have a major breakdown, notify the leaders as soon as possible. If you are in the camp and need help, turn on the lights and blow the horn in your tow vehicle. Use of 4-way flashers is an accepted signal for an emergency on or off the parkway. In case of a medical emergency, immediately call 911.

Equipment Wrangler: One or more person(s) to assist leaders with maintaining, setup and transport of necessary equipment/supplies for group activities.

Financial Review: Financial records are always available for any caravaner to see. A Review Committee of 2 to 3 people will review the financial records toward the end of the caravan. The committee will give an oral report of their review to the caravan.

Final Dinner Planning Team: This team will organize and direct the program for the final dinner. This program should be no more than 30 minutes in length. The important thing is to have FUN with it.

First Aid Advisor: Emergency service locations and phone numbers for each stop may be found in your Travel Guide. The First Aid Advisor(s) should always be aware of these in case of emergencies.

GAMS: Get-acquainted meetings, which we refer to as GAMS, will be scheduled in your Travel Guide. Groups of about 4 Airstreams will be assigned to get together for a happy hour – with the host providing the location and light refreshment for the group. Each participant will provide for his or her own beverage and seating. Howdy Doodys are effective in the early days of the caravan so that Caravanners have the opportunity to meet each other. They will be held until everyone gets a chance to meet everyone else. The groups are mixed differently each time. Each Howdy Doody will last about an hour. The host(s) will insure that each Caravanner has the opportunity to share their name, hometown, and BRIEFLY something about themselves. In addition, the caravan leaders will provide each Howdy Doody with a topic for the group to discuss

Generators: Use of generators is prohibited between the hours of 9:00 p.m.-8:00 a.m. Please keep in mind that continuous, loud generator or audio equipment noise, at any time of the day, disturbs other campers. 

Hitches: If you are able, please remove your hitch when you are not towing, especially in Asheville as parking is tight.

Hooking Up: Please do not socialize with your neighbor when hooking or setting up. This can, and often does, cause both of you to forget things. 

Leaving the Caravan: Anyone may leave the caravan and return by notifying the caravan leader in writing. Refunds for those finding it necessary to leave the caravan will be given subject to the Statement on Caravan Fees and Refunds shown above. Any such refund period will start the day the Caravan Leaders have received written notification that it is necessary for a person to leave. 

Legal Stuff: Neither the Club, nor its officers, nor any WBCCI sanctioned leader of caravans shall be responsible for the loss of or damage to property or injury or death of any participant in any duly authorized WBCCI caravan. Protect yourself and your property at all times.

Lights: Night time is supposed to be dark. Please do not leave any outside lights on all night. While all night lights may not bother you, they will definitely bother your neighbors.

Mail: since the caravan will be of short duration we did not plan any “mail stops” for mail forwarding.

Mirrors: Please remove or retract tow mirrors when the trailer is not attached especially in Asheville. 

Pets: While pets are welcome on the caravan, be aware that there are numerous problems that owners may experience with them. Many caravan activities involve being away from the RV for extended periods. At times it might be quite warm to leave pets unattended in the RV and air conditioning may not always be available. At a few RV parks where we will be staying, parks dictate pets mustn’t be left unattended for extended periods. If you need assistance with your pets, it is your responsibility to locate a sitter or boarding facility. Some campgrounds will not permit some breeds. No pets at any caravan functions. This includes drivers’ meetings. Pets are to be exercised in designated areas or outside the camping area, and owners must clean up after them every time – rain or shine. No excessive barking allowed.

Roads and Caravan Route – The caravan route will be reviewed at a drivers meeting before each move. As a general rule, the surface conditions of roads on which we will travel are good. Although some of the secondary roads are narrow, all are safe. (If there are exceptions to this rule, the Leaders will let you know in advance). Please remember we are traveling in mountains and there will be steep grades, sharp curves and may not always be guard rails.

Smoking: No smoking at any group function. 

Text2Group: We will be using the app Text2Group during the caravan. This will be our primary means of communication once we are on the road.

Tips and Gratuities:  All tips and gratuities, for kitty-fee events, are paid by the Leaders and as such are included in the cost of the caravan activity. Should you feel that a server, tour guide or other individual gave far above average service, nothing says you can’t give an extra tip.

Touring on your own: We encourage you to stop, look and see as much as you can on your vacation. However, please let the Caravan leaders know, in writing, if you make alternate plans and will not be able to attend a scheduled function. Refunds may not be given as many are based on a specified attendance and we have to pay whether you are there or not.