What we ask of you…

Become Part of our Big Family

We want each of you to have a Great Adventure as you discover and explore the beauty of these mountains. We want you to make new life long friends, and most importantly to have loads of fun.

Caravan members are asked to take on specific Caravan jobs, such as parking, cookouts, just to name a couple. Working on these jobs does more than getting the job done – it fosters an environment for people to work together and get to know each other. Just as in a family, members are expected to volunteer and do their share in all of the everyday activities like:

  • Inviting others to go with you when touring or exploring
  • Pitching in to help other members when they run into trouble
  • Gathering tour/scene information to share with everyone
  • Hosting unscheduled group happy hours for everyone!
  • Arranging unscheduled tours of places you found interesting during free time.
  • Inviting others (or the whole group) to dinner, Dutch treat, of course
  • Sharing photos
  • Offering to share skills or information (digital photo advice, safety checks, CB tuning, hitch up help, recipes and much more.)

Embrace and participate in the NO GRUMPS policy. Your behavior, positive or negative affects the entire group. Please practice considerate behavior with your fellow travelers and the folks we encounter along the way. Accept that there may be unavoidable, unplanned circumstances which arise during our trip. Please take them in stride and assist the leaders in overcoming the problem. Look forward to surprises, understanding that itineraries, like the rest of life, are subject to change. Agree not to smoke during caravan events unless you are on fire and to drink responsibly. If you have a problem or a gripe, please come see the leaders.

So remember, go with a Spirit of Adventure, enjoy the scenery, the people, the wildlife. Become part of this new big family and make new friends for life. Finally, smile and have the best of times with your fellow caravaners.