What is Dry Camping? Solar/Generator

Dry Camping with Solar/Generator

Generally it means there are no hookups at all.  It is strongly recommended that you have either solar power or a generator.  Conservation of water and electricity are essential, but if you follow these tips you’ll love the experience.  Why?  Because dry camping takes you into some of the most beautiful scenery, where wilderness, wildlife and deep quiet are the norm, not the exception.

Generator use is generally limited to 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We will follow National Park regulations. If you require electric-powered devices at night (i.e. c-pap machines for sleeping) you will need to provide sufficient battery power for a full night’s use.

Conserving Power:

Use as few lights as are necessary.

Purchase energy-saving bulbs, preferably LEDs.

Conserving Water:

Use good quality rubber tubs that fit in your sink to wash and rinse dishes.  Pour the wash and rinse water into the toilet, rather than into the grey water tank (which normally fills first). If showering…turn water on only hot to wet, turn off and soap, turn on hot/cold to rinse.